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We design spaces to live in; we are passionate about details, color, use of light, and the sensory quality of materials. We strive to create spaces that age gracefully, like the contexts they are immersed in.


Studio Benaim is an architecture firm based in Florence, formed by a multidisciplinary team of young and talented architects, coordinated by the founder André Benaim.

The studio has thirty years of experience in the international, Italian and Tuscan fields, with both a local and abroad customer base.


Our identity is linked to the theme of living, especially in historical and landscape environments of remarkable beauty and complexity. The theme of housing is linked to that of tourist hospitality, which for us is a form of temporary living.


AA. VV., Prato, Giunti Editor, 2021 Busajo NGO was born in Florence in 2009 and since then has been involved in the recovery and reintegration of street children in Soddo, in southern Ethiopia. Busajo Campus, designed by Studio Benaim and extensively illustrated in this volume, represents an example of functionality and harmony, an ideal container […]

Busajo Campus, street children aid Center, Soddo, Ethiopia, 2020 We are proud to announce that one of the studio’s most loved works is hosted among the pages of the prestigious magazine, in the June 2020 issue of CASABELLA (910). The Busajo Campus project is the tale of a history of international cooperation, which presupposes the […]

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