An international team of talented young architects located in Florence, the artistic city par excellence.

We believe in the authenticity of places, in their beauty and complexity; thus, we are committed to reinterpreting spaces while respecting their history and identity. We appreciate the manifoldness of our clients and their dreams. And are determined to get to know them in order to fully understand their needs. We embark on a journey with our clients that has as its goal the expression of their personality, and which at the same time, reflects the individuality of the place.


We listen, understand, and put into practice the desires of our clients.

We know how to be romantic and visionary, rigorous and reliable at each project phase, determined to achieve our clients’ objectives.

studio benaim

André Benaim

studio benaim

Oscar Benaim

studio benaim

Francesca Pini

studio benaim

Stefania Bargiacchi

studio benaim

Sofia Lalli

studio benaim

Paola Taviani 

studio benaim

Camila Siqueira Vanassi

Simone Pistillo

Eleonora Monzali 

Alessandro Graziuoso

Giovanni Marino

Filippo Bernardini  

Camilla Santoni


We listen carefully to our clients, traveling with them to merge their dreams and expectations.

We study the essence of each property and its historical context through in-depth research. We immerse ourselves in its history, revealing the work that has been done in the past to maintain the character and soul of each property in the future.


Every project, every detail, is tailored to our clients.

We search for materials that highlight the place and respect the characteristics of the surrounding territory. To do this, we rely on the care and passion of the best Florentine and Tuscan artisans.

architects who worked with us

Massimiliano Arnone, Fabio Azzato, Federico Biasci, Amir Daryan. Edoardo Gazzareni, Enrico Panizzi, Serena Porciani, Camilla Tinti, Maedeh Yavarkhani, Silvia Zuccari.


Ioan Mihai Baba, Fernando Blanco Gutiérrez de Rueda, Eugenia Bordini, Mark Cordovani, Federico Caciagli, Giuseppe Cosentino, Manuel De La Fragua Salmon, Cristhian Gaviria, Tommaso Genco, Elli Klitsinikou, Maria Koprowska, Anca Simona Loghin, Federico Magenes, Verina Maher Ibrahim, Natalia Jedrzejczak, Giovanni Mannelli, Zofia Mrugacz, Massimiliano Napoli, Silvia Nencini, Agata Olejniczak, Simone Pistillo, Tommaso Reggioli, Farid Sami, Elisabetta Sinibaldi, Sebastiano Spada, Fabrizio Taricone, Marica Taricone, Stanimir Tonev, Ahmed Mohamed Walaa Sourour.

We are interested in knowing your story, understanding how you live and what intrigues you, because we are sure that this is the only way to create a truly special space.

Via della Fornace 11,
50125 Firenze (IT)
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