Villa in Bellosguardo

The pre-existing house, a simple garden annex, expanding over the years had come to show its many additions in a disorderly fashion. A large balcony on the city that we tried to characterize above all in its relationship with the landscape.


Villa Bellosguardo is the result of the profound reconfiguration of a pre-existing building. The area is located on the Bellosguardo hill, one of the most evocative of Florence and classified as an area of historical and cultural interest. Bellosguardo’s project represents an example of how a contemporary language can be introduced in one of the most delicate landscape scenarios of the Florentine territory, while fully respecting the context.

The interventions focused on eliminating the signs of the existing building, banal and generic, in favor of a modern and essential language, inspired by the stereometric volumes of Mediterranean architecture. The targets were: collecting the volumes of the previous extensions by integrating them organically into the volume of the building, organizing a coherent design of the elevations, and cleaning up the fragmented interior spaces to obtain larger and more regular rooms.

ristrutturazione degli esterni
villa a bellosguardo

Studio Benaim worked on the renovation, interior and furnishings design, and green spaces project of Villa in Bellosguardo. The intervention was designed by the project team: André Benaim, Massimiliano Arnone and Federico Biasci.

Location: Bellosguardo hill, Florence
Year: 2018
SM: 250

Via della Fornace 11,
50125 Firenze (IT)
(+39) 055 663284