Villa in Poggio Romano

A hill just above the foliage of a cork trees, with a view to the little town of Montepescali, has become the place to build an apparently small one-story house, built with excavated stones of many colors.


progettazione nuova costruzione villa a poggio romano
progettazione nuova costruzione degli interni villa a poggio romano


This small one-story building, on a full visit reveals itself as a two-story building with an internal courtyard. The horizontal development of the shape, the purity of the volumes and their clear plastic connections, are references to Mediterranean architecture, revisited in a contemporary key.


Internally the house is characterized by a great simplicity, according to the needs of the property. The living area on the ground floor features a great visual permeability, with its large opposing windows that pierce the mass of the building creating an architectural telescope towards the landscape.

Studio Benaim followed the works of the new building, oversaw the design of the interiors and green spaces of the Villa in Poggio Romano. The intervention was designed by the project team,: André Benaim and Fabio Azzato.

Location: Versegge, Grosseto
Year: 2017
SM: 300

Via della Fornace 11,
50125 Firenze (IT)
(+39) 055 663284