Prigionia di Alekos

Prigionia di Alekos

In the book “A Man” Oriana Fallaci demonstrates that the freedom of a single individual can really jam the system, blow up the certainties of a totalitarian regime, unmask and perhaps overcome the miseries of men, necessary to any regime.


It is this will of the imagination that Alekos’s Prisoner wants to stage, Alexandros Panagulis’ fantasy, dream and hope. The Eros of creation is always subversive, libertarian, revolutionary. The story therefore takes place during the tragic crumbling of democracy in Greece, in the midst of a metaphorical collapse of the scene, which explodes invading the parterre and the audience.


A broken and misaligned grid, the image of a prison, of a broken and unsafe order. Everything seems to suggest the possible repetition of history and the sinister correlation to current affairs.

Studio Benaim worked on the scenes of Prigioni di Alekos, text by Sergio Casesi, directed by Giancarlo Cauteruccio, Teatro della Pergola in Florence, 2018.

Location: Firenze
Year: 2018

Via della Fornace 11,
50125 Firenze (IT)
(+39) 055 663284