Fëdor Bistrot

The Fëdor bistrot offers an elegant, linear and intimate space, overlooking Piazza della Signoria, the heart of the city of Florence.

fedor bistrot


The interiors are played on a contemporary and at the same time classic tone, with some retro accents tied to the details of the furniture that evoke 1950s “flavors”. The color palette is warm and deep, centered on a dark chocolate brown, lit by the flashes of polished brass, a material that characterizes all the furnishings.


The front of the counter is made up of backlit glass plates, printed according to the writings and drawings of a manuscript by Fëdor Dostoevskij, from which the bistro takes its name. The lighting is enveloping and discreet, aimed at enhancing the products creating a magical and relaxing atmosphere.

fedor bistrot
fedor bistrot
fedor bistrot
fedor bistrot

Studio Benaim worked on the internal renovation, interiors and furniture design of the Fëdor Bistrot. The intervention was designed by the project team: André Benaim, Federico Biasci and Stefano Combet.

Location: Florence
Year: 2017
SM: 100

Via della Fornace 11,
50125 Firenze (IT)
(+39) 055 663284