Oibò, Caffé Bistrot

From the corner of the square where the restaurant is located, the church of Santa Croce is clearly visible.

oibò ristrutturazione interni
oibò ristrutturazione interni


From this famous church the decoration of the glass counter takes inspiration, a reworking of the graphic motif next to the rose window on the facade. Originally the place was composed of a double-height room and a contiguous one surmounted by a mezzanine that significantly crushed it, making the two spaces totally disproportionate in comparison.


The construction of a mezzanine, cantilevered over the double height, solved the problem without affecting the strong perimeter walls, dating back to the Middle Ages. The new counter runs under the two volumetric realities, stitching them together. Glass is a key material of the project, which also accompanies the definition of the open kitchen and the toilets.

Studio Benaim worked on the internal and external renovation, on the interiors and furniture design of Oibò-Bistrot. The intervention was designed by the team project: André Benaim and Massimiliano Arnone.

Location: Firenze
Year: 2007
SM: 500

Via della Fornace 11,
50125 Firenze (IT)
(+39) 055 663284