Edipo Re

The initial project envisaged leaving the ruins of the marvelous Greek theater in Taormina exposed under the crossroads of the stage, highlighting, with walkways, the three roads leading to the city, parliament and people.


However, it was necessary to plan a platform for the festival, which was therefore enlarged by modifying it according to our needs, creating a surface that simulated a stretch of water, with a clear reference to the surrounding maritime landscape.


Very few, but very strong and clear, white signs stand out on the scene. A work relating to both text and place, in line with the dimensions of the theater.

Studio Benaim worked on the scenes of Oedipus Re, text by Sophocles, directed by A. Di Bari, Ancient Theater of Taormina (ME), 1999.

Location: Taormina, Sicily
Year: 1999

Via della Fornace 11,
50125 Firenze (IT)
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