Masterplan Area Sani

Masterplan Area Sani

The Masterplan project for the Sani sector starts from the reading of the urban context that includes the neighbouring Bolognina and Fiera district.


Having recognized the hierarchies, and taking into account the strategic value of the connections they offer with the city, the project uses and enhances them in the structuring of the new district. The choice of the urban design was also confronted with the configuration of the pre-existing buildings, all maintained and restored, and with the significant presence of greenery and existing tree masses.


The type selected is that of the quadrangular block and the courtyard building, which is declined in a particular way, confronting the theme of greenery and public space: the blocks, built by setting the buildings in the context, are never closed towards the road mesh, but offer slits, hollows, overhangs and suspensions which at the same time allow to incorporate the pre-existing structures and to offer a building which is open and permeable visually as well. The accessible courtyards therefore host social gardens, squares, leisure or educational facilities.

Masterplan Area Sani

Studio Benaim worked on the Area Sani Masterplan competition. The project presented was designed by André Benaim, Stefano Combet, and Archea Associati, and Bodàr Bottega d'Architettura.

Location: Bologna
Year: 2017

Via della Fornace 11,
50125 Firenze (IT)
(+39) 055 663284